A Custom Terminal with PHP & Vue JS 2

Demo : http://d8devs.com/terminal/example/ Example index.php


Send a Push Notification to everyone who is in the User Range – JS Cloud Function

myproject/functions/index.js Code :

How To Upload: The Firebase CLI requires Node.js and npm, which you can install by following the instructions on https://nodejs.org/. Installing Node.js also installs npm. Once you have Node.js and npm installed, install the Firebase CLI via npm:

To initialize your project: Run

to log in via the browser […]

Unity3D One Shot & Sound & Bullet Hole – C#

Demo : Script:

Gun Effect/Sound : freesound.org sound 37236

Shooting to mouse position – C#

For Bullet Animation, please remove comment tags from lines… Shooting to Mouse Position :


Unity3D Smooth Local rotation – JS

Code (Important this code only for x Axis!):


Full Screen Video with AVPlayer


Initializer for conditional binding must have Optional type, not ‘[AVCaptureDevice]’

if a binding over if let is, for example so;

come this error message, because It is not an optional. My solution for this code, checking value changing. Like this;

How To Detect AVPlayer Status

Detect when AVPlayer is playing