Raspberry Pi Zero W + USB Modem – SMS Gateway

Install usb-modeswitch

Install smstools

Find right device and baudrate with this command;

…my modem information (modem on ttyUSB1 and baudrate 9600)…

Modify your smsd.conf

my smsd.conf with founded Modem information like:

Restart then smstools3

For Testing Create a file under /var/spool/sms/outgoing/ Folder. I create like:

And Work! […]

Raspbian Stretch Lite – Setup (Raspberry Pi Zero W)

Stretch Lite image Download Link: https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/ Choose Raspbian Stretch Lite Download ZIP. Make unzip this downloaded zip file. The easiesst way to Flash to your SD Card is Etcher. Download and install this Software. After Openning, Select .iso file, and your SD Card and click Flash. How to set up WiFi Create a file in Boot directory […]