Ubuntu with the Windows Subsystem For Linux | Ubuntu Linux on Windows

I’ve  wacthed a Josh Lockhart video on Youtube. Linux(Ubuntu, OpenSuse etc.) Bash shell running possible on Windows. This is very amazing and useful support. Microsoft does to much good stuff, before Visual Code and actually this solution for Developers. You can follow this tutorial on Microsoft’s Website : https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide Then Open a command prompt. Run bash That looks great! […]

Teletype(beta) for Atom – Atom Package

Today i have very amazing und useful package for Atom learned .Useful idea because everyone can live workplace sharing or real time code writing. How its Works? Show this video. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.   Small Start Guide is here from original page: Getting started Install Atom Download and install Atom. It’s free, […]

Create Model Object/Class – Typescript / Ionic 3

i create the new model class under projectFolder/src/models/model-name.ts.

and then for example in the Provider, i use so;


Offline / Online Sync Data – Typescript / Ionic 3

This is my way; How is the Lifecycle : create today date Return a new Promise Get day value from Storage and set as storedDay local variable if today and storedDay equal return Data from Storage else Create Http Request if success .mapped the responses as json type Save the Actually Date in to the […]

momentjs installing – Typescript / Ionic 3

There is best  way to momentjs package installing with the command;

and a simple example in the Script;


A Custom Terminal with PHP & Vue JS 2

Demo : http://d8devs.com/terminal/example/ Example index.php


Send a Push Notification to everyone who is in the User Range – JS Cloud Function

myproject/functions/index.js Code :

How To Upload: The Firebase CLI requires Node.js and npm, which you can install by following the instructions on https://nodejs.org/. Installing Node.js also installs npm. Once you have Node.js and npm installed, install the Firebase CLI via npm:

To initialize your project: Run

to log in via the browser […]