Dump PHP 8.1 OPCodes using Vulkan Logic Dumper with Bonus

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The VLD a.k.a Vulkan Logic Dumper extension must be installed, we can compiling if from source.

	git clone https://github.com/derickr/vld.git
	cd vld
	sudo make && sudo make install

with the sudo make && sudo make install command, our vld extension is compilied and copied directly to the php extensions folder. The next step is to active the plugin in the php.ini file

Let’s find our php.ini file.

kzorluoglu@kzorluoglu:~/projects/vld-0.18.0$ php -i | grep 'Loaded Configuration File '
Loaded Configuration File => /etc/php/8.1/cli/php.ini

we found our php.ini file, now let’s active our vld extension with a text editor

sudo vim /etc/php/8.1/cli/php.ini

at the bottom of file, find the ;extension= section. Let’s add extension=vld, and save it.. We are all set!.

and we can dump any php file with this vld.active=1 parameter.

kzorluoglu@kzorluoglu:~/projects/vld-0.18.0$ php -d vld.active=1 test.php
Finding entry points
Branch analysis from position: 0
1 jumps found. (Code = 62) Position 1 = -2
filename:       /home/kzorluoglu/projects/vld-0.18.0/test.php
function name:  (null)
number of ops:  6
compiled vars:  !0 = $test
line      #* E I O op                           fetch          ext  return  operands
    3     0  E >   ASSIGN                                                   !0, 'test'
    4     1        NOP
          2        FAST_CONCAT                                      ~2      !0, '+ist+gut'
          3        ECHO                                                     ~2
    5     4        ECHO                                                     '%0A'
    6     5      > RETURN                                                   1

branch: #  0; line:     3-    6; sop:     0; eop:     5; out0:  -2
path #1: 0,
test ist gut

Bonus: The die() and exit() functions calling the same action thats means: both of them the exact same thing. 🙂

Get shell access to nodes in Kubernetes via kubectl

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First, let’s learn the names of the nodes we have

devs@d8:~$ kubectl get nodes
NAME             STATUS   ROLES           AGE    VERSION
docker-desktop   Ready    control-plane   2d2h   v1.25.2

i only have one node at the moment 🙂

then i just need to give this commanf for shell login, i already have given ubuntu as image here, you can give any another image you want.

kubectl debug node/docker-desktop -it --image=Ubuntu