How to create a link to a directory – WSL / Windows Subsystem Linux

Firstoful, i created a new localhost Folder under my Documents , also you can give what yo want to give (Code, MyProjects, Projects) …

and you have some folder on Ubuntu..


Ubuntu with the Windows Subsystem For Linux | Ubuntu Linux on Windows

I’ve  wacthed a  video on Youtube. Linux(Ubuntu, OpenSuse etc.) Bash shell running possible on Windows. This is very amazing and useful support. Microsoft does to much good stuff, before Visual Code and actually this solution for Developers.

You can follow this tutorial on Microsoft’s Website :

Then Open a command prompt. Run bash

That looks great!

Thanks Josh Lockhart !

Teletype(beta) for Atom – Atom Package

Today i have very amazing und useful package for Atom learned .Useful idea because everyone can live workplace sharing or real time code writing.

How its Works? Show this video.


Small Start Guide is here from original page:

Getting started

Install Atom

Download and install Atom. It’s free, open source, and cross-platform. You can use it on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Install Teletype for Atom

Install the teletype package to start collaborating today. If you need help, take a look at how to install Atom packages.

Share a portal

Click the  icon in the Atom status bar, and flip the switch to start sharing a portal to your workspace. Then invite people to join your portal by sending them your portal ID.

Join a portal

Once someone has provided you with their portal ID, click the  icon in the status bar, follow the link to join a portal, and enter the portal ID. The portal opens and all collaborators can edit together in real time.

Create Model Object/Class – Typescript / Ionic 3

i create the new model class under projectFolder/src/models/model-name.ts.

and then for example in the Provider, i use so;


PHP 7.0 installing on Ubuntu 17 – Local Development

Standart PHP 7.0 Librarys for  Apache 2

Standart PHP 7.0 Librarys for nginx

Special Thanks to :

Offline / Online Sync Data – Typescript / Ionic 3

This is my way;

How is the Lifecycle :

  1. create today date
  2. Return a new Promise
    1. Get day value from Storage
    2. and set as storedDay local variable
    3. if today and storedDay equal
      1. return Data from Storage
    4. else
      1. Create Http Request
        1. if success
          1. .mapped the responses as json type
          2. Save the Actually Date in to the DB
          3. Save the Data in tho DB
          4. return Data from Api
        2. else
          1. return error message



and we must first bethis provider/component inserted in to the “app.module.ts”.

and we are ready;


momentjs installing – Typescript / Ionic 3

There is best  way to momentjs package installing with the command;

and a simple example in the Script;


How to change SMTP Configs for Gitlab CE

To open a file with nano/ or another text editor

and find this line

add modify this lines with your smtp server information, and remove this # comment variable from modified lines.

and run this re-config command on command line



GitLab Installation on Ubuntu Server 14.04/16.04 LTS

Firstoful updates and dependencies;

and then step by step;

(If you using another solution to send emails, skip this postfix installation)

Add Gitlab CE Package in the Repo;


Now Configure and start

And ready to use… http://yoruhostname.domain/users/sign_in

On your first visit, you’ll be redirected to a password reset screen to provide the password for the initial administrator account. Enter your desired password and you’ll be redirected back to the login screen.

The default account’s username is root.