Kubernetes Port Forwarding with kubefwd on Apple M1

kubefwd is a command line tool for Kubernetes Services and allows you to access any service from your local workstation in the same namespace on cluster. kubefwd temporally adds domain records to our /etc/hosts file with the service names it forwards.

Here is explaining the workflow from official GitHub repository:


and Screencast (it’s also from GitHub repository)


Installation with homebrew

  1. Requirement
    1. kubectl kubefwd assumes you have kubectl installed and configured with cluster access.

You can install kubefwd directly from txn2/tap.

brew install txn2/tap/kubefwd

To upgrade:

brew upgrade kubefwd


Create and run forwarding

Open Gitea-Service and install it. After installation i have a new repo created and my ssh key in to the my gitea profile added.

Cloning, Pushing…

Gitea Dashboard

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