Octoprint via Helm and Kubernetes

This repository contains Helm chart configurations for deploying OctoPrint project. The setup.sh script allows you to easily configure and deploy the chart.

Direct Repo address for those with Kubernetes and Helm knowledge: https://github.com/kzorluoglu/octoprint-helm


– Helm v3.x
– Kubernetes cluster
– Bash shell


Clone the Repository

git clone https://github.com/yourusername/yourrepository.git
cd yourrepository

Run the Setup Script

First, make the script executable:

chmod +x setup.sh

Then, run the script:


The script will prompt you for the following information:

  • hostname: The hostname for your application.
  • dataPath: The path where data will be stored.
  • configPath: The path where the configuration file will be stored.
  • projectname: The name of the Helm project.

These values will be used to populate the config.yaml file, which will be used for the Helm installation.

Helm Install

The script will automatically run helm install with the provided project name and config.yaml file.

This will deploy your Helm chart with the configurations you’ve specified.


If you encounter any issues, please check the config.yaml file to ensure all values are correctly set. You can manually edit this file and rerun helm upgrade if needed.

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