How do Remove Element From an Array – Simple

Example from My Home Hobby Project:


My Experiences with Laravel 5.5

  1. First Project / Look : I have had some experience in module writing my company software solution for an Aid Organization. This project was with Laravel 5.1, what the customer wants as a correction or update…
    1. What have I had?
      1. First of all, some pre-installed plugins(from the old developer at company) need to be updated, because these plugins work not nicely or stable.. But isn’t possible, because XYZ Plugin needed higher version another ABC, DEF Plugins, this plugin needed higher version of laravel/framework.  If I framework updated, then you get several errors, because main core functions or classes changed or removed…
    2. Results
      1. My Idea: Bad/Unstable Relase Management.
        1. Solution 1: Dear Customer, these corrections not possible.
        2. Solution 2 : Writing/Modifying  with hand these Plugin Packages.
  2. Second Project : I have developed a Member and SMS Management Software with Laravel 5.5.
    1. What have I had?
      1. Creating a class and setting up Database Tables is very easy, with php artisan command you can easily insert or execute several things. For example:

        then this command generated  a controller with CRUD Methods at app/Http/Controllers/HomeController.php.
      2. Mailable Class, Another useful and clean thing.
      3. Eloquent ORM, simple ActiveRecord implementation.
      4. Blade Templating Engine, simple templating engine.
    2. Results:
      1. My Idea: Good for new starting a new Project.
        1. but you need to update at any time, otherwise you have to develop again a project.

Last of all: Good for new Starting a new project, but you have to update at any time. If you can’t do that, choose another Frameworks.

Raspberry Pi Zero W + USB Modem – SMS Gateway

Install usb-modeswitch

Install smstools

Find right device and baudrate with this command;

…my modem information (modem on ttyUSB1 and baudrate 9600)…

Modify your smsd.conf

my smsd.conf with founded Modem information like:

Restart then smstools3

For Testing Create a file under /var/spool/sms/outgoing/ Folder. I create like:

And Work! (i mean, for me it’s work 🙂 )

Server configuration and php works coming soon!