How do Remove Element From an Array – Simple

Example from My Home Hobby Project:


My Experiences with Laravel 5.5

First Project / Look : I have had some experience in module writing my company software solution for an Aid Organization. This project was with Laravel 5.1, what the customer wants as a correction or update… What have I had? First of all, some pre-installed plugins(from the old developer at company) need to be updated, […]

Raspberry Pi Zero W + USB Modem – SMS Gateway

Install usb-modeswitch

Install smstools

Find Right Device and PORT with this Command;

…Found my modem information like this, Modem on ttyUSB1 and Speed 9600…

Modify your smsd.conf

my smsd.conf with founded Modem information like:

Restart then smstools3

For Testing Create a file under /var/spool/sms/outgoing/ Folder. I create like: